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Top 3 Benefits of Stretching Before & After Gymnastics October 20, 2017

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Top 3 Benefits of Stretching Before & After Gymnastics, Hawthorne, New Jersey

If your children are interested in gymnastics, it's important for them to learn proper techniques, so they stay safe and improve their skills. That's why the instructors at Elite Gymnastics, based in Hawthorne, NJ, and also serving Bergen county and the surrounding areas, emphasize the importance of stretching in all of their classes. Whether you are a child or adult, jumping straight into strenuous exercise and activity increases your risk of getting hurt.

To minimize harm and maximize results, the experts explain the benefits to proper stretches before and after exercise: 

1. Prevent Injuries

gymnasticsStretching muscles slowly elongates them to their normal shape. When your child exercises, however, their muscles tense and shorten due to a decreased supply of oxygen. This leads to cramping and injuries. By completing stretches before the start of class, muscles loosen and elongate in preparation. 

2. Improve Flexibility

When your child stretches after exercise, they significantly improve their flexibility—an important skill in gymnastics. Even with the help of pre-exercise stretches, your child’s muscles will tense and contract throughout the class due to prolonged activity. However, when they do so afterward, their muscles loosen, elongate once more, and are restored to their original form.

3. Promote Muscle Tone

Stretching before and after intense physical exercise also helps speed up recovery times, as it reduces muscle fatigue and soreness. And faster recovery means better muscle development and growth. Moreover, your child’s motor skills are aided by stretching, improving their ability to easily bend, squat, and perform various other moves.

If your child has expressed interest in the sport, the classes at Elite Gymnastics will challenge their abilities and improve their technique. Their instructors prioritize stretching, while also strengthening students’ motor skills and coordination. In addition to gymnastics, they also offer other activities like ninja and rock climbing classes, to keep your kids excited about staying active, even if their interests change. If you have any questions, you can reach them at (973) 423-4040. Or, visit them online to view their schedule.