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3 Ways Camp Walt Whitman Creates the Best Summer Camp Environment October 16, 2017

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3 Ways Camp Walt Whitman Creates the Best Summer Camp Environment, Piermont, New Hampshire

Summer camp is the ideal place for kids to make friends, experience the outdoors, and build character. For first-time campers, being away from their parents can be daunting, which is why the staff at Camp Walt Whitman is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment. As the best summer camp in New England, they focus on key values that leave a lasting impression on attendees and make their stay unforgettable.

3 Ways Camp Walt Whitman Creates a Welcoming Environment

1. Helps Kids Make Lasting Friendships

summer-camp-camp-walt-whitmanFriendship is one of the camp’s core values, which is why they implement a Cabin Group approach. This philosophy helps create unique, cohesive relationships among camper “families.” They live together, play together, and enjoy team-building exercises. Through this, the kids learn how to accept one another, respect and support each other, and make meaningful connections. These skills offer benefits throughout their lives and help them establish friendships that extend beyond summer camp.

2. Provides Attentive Staff Members

Each staff member’s mission is to help your child feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Camp Walt Whitman assigns three staff members to each cabin, with one of them being responsible for community activities. This ratio ensures safety and attention and encourages counselors to focus on providing support and encouragement. These leaders are responsible for cultivating positive qualities in campers while they have fun and make discoveries.

3. Takes a Hands-On Approach to Activities

The staff at Camp Walt Whitman understand the importance of “show, don’t tell,” and enforce a hands-on approach for both counselors and campers. This method emphasizes personal interaction between individuals and the environment. The camp’s immersive activities and lessons are taught by doing rather than by simply watching. This makes summer camp a more fun and memorable experience for everyone.

If you’re looking for a sleepaway summer camp that’s both fun and beneficial to your child, turn to Camp Walt Whitman. They maintain beautiful, welcoming facilities and ensure your child will want to come back every year. Call (800) 657-8282 today to speak with their staff and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about their activities.

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