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The Importance of a Chimney Inspection October 11, 2017

Prides Crossing, South Aurora
The Importance of a Chimney Inspection, South Aurora, Colorado

Your chimney is responsible for guiding smoke and embers from the fireplace to the outdoors. Without it, the air in your home would become dangerous, and you could be at risk of choking or illness. Before each winter season, it is important to have a professional chimney inspection performed to ensure everything is in working order. The caps, crowns, and chimney itself must be checked, as they play a key role in the function of your fireplace.

Here’s why you should have each of these components inspected:

  • chimney inspectionChimney Caps: A metal chimney requires a chimney cap while a ceramic one does not. However, both should be properly inspected before use. Chimney caps are responsible for keeping rain, animals, and insects out of the home, as well as acting as a spark arrester. A damaged cap is unable to snuff out rising embers. If too warm, these embers could potentially land on and ignite your roof. A chimney inspection is essential, as it helps prevent house fires.

  • Crowns: The crown supports the cap and is put under an extreme amount of pressure. Rapid changes in weather can cause cracks and breakdowns over time as the piece swells and contracts depending on the temperature. If left undetected, these cracks allow in water, which freezes and expands during the winter. If this occurs, the cracks will grow and you may require a full replacement of the chimney. A chimney inspection catches minor cracks quickly and can repair them before they grow into a more costly problem.

  • Debris: Have a chimney sweep clean away dirt, debris, spider webs, and birds’ nests. If any of these items are in your fireplace when it is lit, this could lead to a house fire or severe smoke damage. These items are highly flammable and are some of the greatest threats to a fireplace. Have a chimney inspection to ensure yours is clean and clear of dangers.


A fireplace inspection should occur every year before winter arrives. A professional will do any chimney cleaning, animal removal, or fireplace repair that is required. Those in Aurora, CO, trust Elevations Home Repair for all of their fireplace needs. With more than 20 years of experience, they guarantee a quality job every time. For more information, visit their website or call (303) 635-6515 today.

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