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Clever Storage Ideas to Create More Space in Your Rental Home October 11, 2017

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Clever Storage Ideas to Create More Space in Your Rental Home, Hinesville, Georgia

Have you ever faced the predicament of running out of storage space when you’re living in a rental home? When space is at a premium, you must find creative places and means to stow your belongings. Below are several storage ideas you can use to reduce clutter and create extra space in your rental home.

5 Storage Ideas to Use in Your Rental Home

1. Mount Shelves

Many renters overlook the ceiling and its huge expanse of free space. With your landlord’s permission, mount a shelf just below the ceiling along the length of a room. Turn it into a seasonal storage for less frequently used items such as holiday décor or camping gear. In the kitchen, you can install a ceiling rack to store your pots and pans overhead.

2. Go Behind Doors

Another extra storage solution for rental homes can be found on the back of doors. You can hang a shoe caddy for your jewelry, ties, and other accessories. Add regular or command hooks to store your styling tools, scrub brushes, or a multipurpose organizer. You can also install adjustable shelf rods behind your pantry door for frequently used kitchen items and supplies.

rental home3. Maximize the Inside of Your Closets

A rental home often doesn’t have big-sized closets. One solution is to maximize the vertical space above your hanging rack. You can add a couple of shelves that go up to the ceiling. Use the highest shelf to keep off-season clothing, towels, and extra linens. The lowest shelf can be used for folded clothes. Keep a small step stool nearby for easy retrieval.

4. Use the Top of Cabinets

The space on top of cabinets is a good place for your food processor, stand mixer, and blender. You can put baskets up there and stash items that you don’t use often. If your above-cabinet space is tall enough, you can add an extra shelf for wine racks and fancy dishware used for special occasions.  

5. Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

Look for long bins with wheels or containers with gliding features to put under your bed. If you want to save money, use old cardboard boxes and remove the top flaps. The best items to keep under your bed include out-of-season clothing, shoes, extra linens, and luggage.

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