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Sickness & the Dentist: Should You Go or Reschedule? October 5, 2017

Diamond Head - Kapahulu - St. Louis, Honolulu
Sickness & the Dentist: Should You Go or Reschedule?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Many people know the importance of regular dentist visits as a part of preventative dentistry. However, when your next dentist appointment coincides with a cold or a cough, is it best to reschedule or go ahead anyway? The general dentistry experts at Kaimuki Dental Group in Honolulu, HI, offer these tips on what to do about the dentist when you’re sick.

Headaches or Cramps: Keep Your Appointment

Although headaches and cramps can be nuisances that affect our daily functioning, if the pain is not severe, you should try to make your regularly scheduled appointment. This is especially true if you have a pressing issue such as a dental crown replacement or cavity, which may actually be a residual cause of some of the pain you’re in. Make sure to let your dentist know how you’re feeling when you come in and if you’re taking antibiotics. These medicines may interact with common anesthetics and other medications used in dentistry practice.

Contagious: Stay Home

dentistIf you have a contagious illness, you should definitely call your dentist to reschedule. Your dentist comes in direct contact with your bodily fluids, and if you have a contagious illness, you are putting your dentist, their assistant, and everyone else in the office at risk. Many dental offices are extremely understanding when it comes to rescheduling and may even place you on a wait list for an earlier appointment in case another patient cancels.

Light Cold or Allergies: Keep Your Appointment

If you have a light cold and have already been drinking plenty of fluids and taking cold medicine, you should be alright to go in for your dentist appointment. However, it is important to tell your dentist or dental practitioner if you are experiencing a lot of congestion. Blockages in the nasal passages can make it extremely difficult to breathe, especially when lying back with instruments affecting your ability to breathe through your mouth, as well.

It can take weeks or even months to reschedule a dentist appointment due to an unexpected emergency or illness. That’s why it’s important to determine whether or not it’s worth it to just go in or reschedule for another time. Kaimuki Dental Group handles all kinds of dental work, from conservative dentistry to restorative dentistry, to ensure your dental health is taken care of in addition to your overall bodily health. Give them a call at (808) 737-7905 or visit them online to learn more about their practice.

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