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Top 9 Kitchen Remodeling Trends October 10, 2017

Greenburgh, Westchester
Top 9 Kitchen Remodeling Trends, Greenburgh, New York

A tidal wave of trends is taking kitchen remodeling by storm. From wooden cabinets to concrete counters, homeowners are combining DIY décor and the expertise of quality contractors to design the kitchens of their dreams. Stationed in Elmsford, NY, ABP Corporation is committed to crafting beautiful, efficient, and stylishly savvy kitchens for their clients.

9 Kitchen Remodeling Trends You Can Incorporate

1. Industrial Lighting

Dim, dangling lamps are the latest trend in lighting. When hung from the ceiling, clear light fixtures add age and romance to a kitchen.

2. More Metallics

Metallics can be found in many modern kitchens. Coupled with stainless-steel appliances, metallic tiles and drawer handles can also be used in more eclectically styled kitchens, such as coastal and cottage.

3. Kitchen Technology

No longer a luxury, technology is now a kitchen necessity. From smart fridges to wireless thermometers, homeowners use technology to save time and maximize their productivity in the kitchen.  

4. Reclaimed Wood

Recycling is both environmentally conscious and chic. Complemented with planked laminate flooring, reclaimed wooden cabinets and bar stools create an antiquated aesthetic.  

5. Open Shelves

kitchen remodelingOpen shelves can transform a basic cooking area into vintage vogue. Use open shelves to display china, wine goblets, cookbooks, and other dining fineries.

6. Colorful Appliances

To add a splash of color to the kitchen, homeowners are replacing staple white appliances with red refrigerators, baby blue ovens, and sunny yellow sinks.

7. Marble Accents

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, marble polishes a room with classic elegance. From countertops to backsplash tiles, marble is often integrated into Old World, traditional, and Mediterranean kitchens.

8. Concrete Counters

Concrete is cutting-edge in the world of interior design. Heat-resistant and sturdy, concrete countertops modernize and masculinize a kitchen. To industrialize a kitchen, concrete counters are often contrasted with slate or taupe ceramic flooring.

9. Lower Drawers

Homeowners are saying goodbye to lower cabinets, and hello to lower drawers. Installing smart storage accessories inside lower cabinets—such as built-in utensil trays—can declutter your cabinetry and organize your serving essentials.

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