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4 Ways to Protect Your Self-Storage Unit October 12, 2017

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4 Ways to Protect Your Self-Storage Unit , 10, Louisiana

Whether you’re looking into a self-storage unit to store extra belongings or secure valuables, it’s imperative your possessions are well protected. Choosing a secure facility is certainly helpful, but there are extra precautions you can take as well. Here, the staff from Payless Storage in Texarkana, TX, discusses four ways to safeguard your items.

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe in a Self-Storage Unit

1. Research Storage Facilities

While it’s tempting to choose the closest self-storage company, there should be plenty of research done beforehand. This includes taking a look at the facilities in person and checking out the security features. Look for gates, electronic locks, door alarms, and visible security cameras. Ask questions about the protocols in place in the event of theft, such as access to the local police and surveillance footage. Also ask about how often the facilities are inspected for pests.

2. Take Inventory of Your Items

Taking a few pictures or keeping a list of what items are in your self-storage unit can help you keep track every time you visit. This way, in case of a theft, you can notify the authorities as soon as you notice something is missing.

3. Get Insurance

Even if you end up choosing one of the most secure self-storage facilities around, getting insurance gives you peace of mind in case your items do get stolen or damaged.  Check to see what policies the company has in case of theft, fire, or other disasters, and see if your homeowners or renters insurance offers coverage as well.

4. Purchase a Sturdy Lock

self-storage unitUnless your storage facility provides electronic keypads, the quality of your lock can make or break the security of your unit. Purchase one that isn’t easily cut or picked. You can ask a hardware store or even a locksmith for their recommendations, but, in general, steel padlocks are best.

For the most secure and reliable self-storage units in Texarkana or Shreveport, LA, look no further than Payless Storage. Safety is their top priority, as evidenced by their regular security patrols, personal access codes, fenced borders, and more. To learn about their units, services, or security features, call them at (903) 838-7772, or visit their website

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