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What Is a Low-Deductible Policy & When Should You Ask Your Insurance Agent for One? October 11, 2017

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What Is a Low-Deductible Policy & When Should You Ask Your Insurance Agent for One?, Enterprise, Alabama

Shopping for insurance can be difficult, especially if you’re searching for comprehensive coverage that won’t leave you with a hefty bill the moment you need to file a claim. While your insurance agent will help you find the coverage you need, you’ll want to decide between a high-deductible and low-deductible insurance option. The team at Enterprise Insurance Services in Enterprise & Daleville, AL, wants to help. 

What Is a Low-Deductible Insurance Plan

When you shop for insurance, you’ll have the choice between a high-deductible plan and a low-deductible plan. Low-deductible insurance options allow you to pay less out-of-pocket each time you make a claim. However, there is a tradeoff. Low deductibles often mean higher premium costs, meaning you’ll pay the insurance company more each month to maintain coverage.

Insurance AgentThe policy you choose should largely be based on how often you plan to use the coverage. 

If you plan on using your coverage sparingly, a higher deductible may be your best option. The money you save on premium costs each month can easily make up for the difference you’d pay in your deductible should you file a claim. However, it’s best to speak with your insurance agent before deciding on a plan. They’ll assess your insurance history and your current budget to help you find the ideal plan for your needs.

Work with an experienced agent at Enterprise Insurance Services and let them help you find the best coverage for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for a new homeowners insurance plan or need a revised quote for your existing policies, their team can help. Learn more about their coverage areas online and call (334) 347-9133 or 334-599-0140 to schedule an appointment with an agent today.

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