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Jewelry Experts Discuss the Many Attributes of Sapphires October 12, 2017

Florissant, St. Louis, MO
Jewelry Experts Discuss the Many Attributes of Sapphires, Florissant, Missouri

If you’re looking to surprise your loved one or dress up your next outfit, sapphire jewelry can be a great addition to your collection. Don Henefer Jewelers in Florissant, MO, want you to know there’s a wide variety of sapphires to choose from, so they’ve created a guide to help you find the best stone for your needs. 

Before hitting the showroom for a new piece of jewelry, here are three factors to consider: 

  • Color: Sapphires come in a wide range of colors, from dark blue and green to orange and black. Choosing a color can be tough; to make the decision easier, think about what occasions you’ll wear your jewelry, as well as colors that go well with your style. The more saturated the color is, the less likely you’ll notice any minor flaws with the stone; this also means the purer the color, the pricier the sapphire. 
  • jewelryCut: A rough sapphire will be carefully cut, buffed, and polished according to the quality of the stone to achieve the best possible color. Many sapphires are cut to include varying zones of color, making each stone as unique as a snowflake. When selecting the cut for your jewelry, pay close attention to the way the stone has been cut and choose one that allows for maximum symmetry. 
  • Clarity: Sapphires will have different visible characteristics in them, such as bands of discoloration or partially healed breaks; often, such flaws can bring down the price considerably. However, in rare instances, such imperfections can add a unique beauty to the pieces, allowing light to be scattered in different directions throughout the stone. When shopping for sapphire jewelry, inspect each stone thoroughly and have your jeweler point out any of the areas where its clarity may be affected, for better or worse. 

Choosing the perfect sapphire piece for your jewelry box isn’t always easy, which is why Don Henefer Jewelers is available to provide quality service and expertise. After three generations in the business, the Henefer family continues to pass down the traditions of quality craftsmanship, pride and professionalism, and a strong code of ethics. Contact them today at (314) 921-3001, or visit them online for more information about their custom design services. 

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