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How to Choose a Reliable Plumbing Contractor October 16, 2017

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How to Choose a Reliable Plumbing Contractor, Kirbyville, Texas

How do you find a reliable plumbing contractor when you need one? You want to choose someone you can trust instead of calling the first contractor you see online or in the phone book, but sometimes it’s difficult to figure out who is most qualified. Below are three tips to help you find the right plumber for the job.

3 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Plumbing Contractor

1. Verify Their License & Insurance

Check your plumbing contractor’s license before you hire them. If your state doesn’t require a license, you can still find out if anyone has filed a formal complaint against the contractor you’re considering. Insurance is also a must-have for any plumbing professional—an insurance policy protects both you and the plumber in case of injury or property damage.

plumbing contractor2. Check Their Reputation

Choose a plumber who’s been doing business in your community for a while. This proves they have experience and many satisfied customers in the area. Established businesses may also have garnered reviews and testimonials; if you can’t find any reviews online, ask your plumber to provide a few references you can call on.

3. Ask About a Warranty

Your plumber may not offer a warranty for unclogging your toilet since a clog can easily happen again. However, if they’re installing a new sink or septic tank, they should offer a warranty that covers parts and labor. If they’re not willing to guarantee their work, then you haven’t found the right person for the job.


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