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How to Save on Electric Bills by Turning Off the Lights October 12, 2017

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How to Save on Electric Bills by Turning Off the Lights, West Sanford, North Carolina

If reducing your monthly electric bills is at the top your to-do list, make a habit of turning off any light you do not use. This has a huge impact on your utility bills and is one of the easiest ways to save money and help the planet stay green and beautiful. Below, is a brief guide on money-saving lightbulbs and a few tips for maintaining an illuminated-yet-energy-efficient household.

The Numbers

The average home has about 40 lightbulbs, which makes up 20% of your electric bill. The bulbs you use have a significant effect of how much you spend to keep your house lit, with LED lights as the eco-friendly, money-saving winner. You spend about $5 annually for every 10 LED bulbs left on per hour of the day compared to $24 a year for the same number of incandescent bulbs in the same time frame. Halogen and CFL options cost $17 and $6 every year, respectively, also for 10 bulbs per hour. Switching to LED lights is subsequently the most cost-effective illumination option, especially if you remember to turn them off as much as possible.

The Tips

electricKeeping the lights off in your home is much easier when you invest in the right products. Dimmer switches, for example, cost little to install and lower your household energy output by dimming various bulbs. Timers are a great way to ensure your lights shut off at the right time to keep your energy bills low. Manual and programmable timers are available for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Also, remind your family members to turn off any lights they do not need each day to help lower the bills.


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