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Video Transfer Experts Explain 5 Reasons VHS Tapes Decay October 10, 2017

Minneapolis, Hennepin
Video Transfer Experts Explain 5 Reasons VHS Tapes Decay, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nothing lasts forever, and videotapes are no exception. While it was once believed tapes were sturdier than formats like DVDs, over time, people have come to realize these pieces are actually prone to deterioration. Tapes can even begin to break down in as little as five years after recording.

To shed some light on the most common causes of VHS decay, the video transfer service experts at Kirk Douglas Video Productions in Saint Paul, MN, have put together the following helpful guide:

  • Moisture: Humidity is one of your tapes’ worst enemies. Moisture can seep into the tape reel, causing it to become sticky and rendering it unwatchable. To avoid this issue, store tapes in cool, dry places.  
  • Demagnetization: Magnets are also known to wreak havoc on tapes. A tape’s magnetic particles are actually responsible for storing the recording, so keep any magnets far away from your tapes to prevent distortion.

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  • Poor-Quality Equipment: If you’re using decades-old equipment to play your videos, you could risk the quality of your tapes. Players have limited life spans, so make sure your equipment doesn’t have dust, grime, or loose parts before inserting tapes.
  • Overuse: Watching a video too many times can weaken the tape reel. If there’s a treasured video, such as one with wedding footage or a family vacation, seek out video transfer service so you can secure a backup before video quality becomes compromised.
  • Loss of Particle Charge: Even if you keep your tapes far away from any magnets, the particles will still weaken over time. Using video transfer services to upgrade to DVDs is the simplest way to prevent losing memories.   

When it comes to preserving videotapes, time, unfortunately, isn’t on your side. Even with proper storage and playing techniques, these items are bound to deteriorate eventually. Give yourself peace of mind by enlisting the help of Kirk Douglas Video Productions for video transfer. Their team uses high-quality technology to perform VHS to DVD transfers, allowing you to relive priceless moments for years to come. To learn more about their services, call (651) 405-3130 or visit them online today.

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