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Guide to Cryosurgery From a Leading Dermatologist October 6, 2017

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Guide to Cryosurgery From a Leading Dermatologist, Princeton, West Virginia

Have you ever had a wart that didn’t respond to over-the-counter removal methods? If so, you may already be familiar with the concept of cryosurgery. Also known as cryotherapy, this procedure is similar to freezing off warts using liquid nitrogen. A dermatologist might recommend this service if the patient has precancerous lesions or tumors on the skin. To help you better understand this procedure and the benefits involved, the professionals from Derm One PLLC in Princeton, WV, have shared the following guide.

What Is Cryosurgery?

During cryosurgery, a dermatologist uses extreme cold to destroy tissue abnormalities. The low temperatures are usually produced by liquid nitrogen, but argon gas can be used, as well. This procedure can treat external tumors, like those that lead to skin cancer. During the actual surgery, the dermatologist applies the liquid nitrogen directly to the abnormal cells using a special spraying device or cotton swab.

Doctors can also use cryosurgery to treat internal tumors by circulating argon gas or liquid nitrogen through a hollow device, called a cryoprobe, and applying the device directly to the tumor. After internal cryosurgery, the body resorbs the frozen tissue as it thaws. After external cryosurgery, the frozen tissue thaws to form a scab that eventually heals.

Who Can Benefit From Cryosurgery?

dermatologistCryosurgery can treat all kinds of cancerous, precancerous, and even noncancerous conditions. In addition to early stage skin cancers, it can also target prostate tumors, liver tumors, abnormal cells in the cervix, actinic keratosis, and retinoblastoma growths. It can also treat small, localized lesions that are the result of AIDS-related Kaposi sarcoma.

Cryosurgery has several benefits for patients. For example, because it is fairly noninvasive, there is less risk of developing an infection. Additionally, the recovery period is shorter than that of more traditional excision surgery methods.

If you are suffering from a skin abnormality, and you think cryosurgery may help, turn to Derm One PLLC in Princeton, WV. Since 1994, these professionals have helped patients achieve healthy, clear skin. You can learn more about cryosurgery by visiting their website. To schedule a skin exam with a top-rated dermatologist, give them a call at (304) 425-9448 today. 

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