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3 Goal-Setting Tips for Prospective Allied Health School Students October 12, 2017

Theater District, Manhattan
3 Goal-Setting Tips for Prospective Allied Health School Students, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’re interested in health care administration or aspiring to be a dental assistant, you will first need to choose an educational program to get you started along the path to your chosen field. However, it’s also important to think about career-setting goals that will increase your chances of getting a stable job after you graduate. Mandl School, The College of Allied Health is an accredited school in New York, NY, offering a comprehensive range of associate degree programs to help their students find success in their prospective careers. The allied health school’s staff is here to share a few important tips to help you set career goals.

3 Tips for Career Goal Setting for Allied Health School Students

1. What Are the Growth Prospects?

Before you invest the money and time into any career choice, it’s important to consider the opportunity for growth within the field. Will you be able to find a job once all your requirements are met? Can you progress within the field? Choosing a health care administration program will not only provide you with comprehensive training, but you will also have many opportunities to advance in the field after graduation.

2. What Are the Internship Opportunities?

allied health schoolInternships allow you to gain valuable industry knowledge and experience that can make you a more desirable candidate in the eyes of an employer. When choosing any medical program at an allied health school, you have the advantage of obtaining an internship in various hospitals and clinics throughout the city.

3. How Can I Network to Achieve My Career Goals?

Networking is a crucial way to connect with other professionals in your chosen field and increase your chances of finding opportunities after graduation. Pursuing a health care degree at Mandl allows you to network with facilities and professionals in a wide variety of settings.

No matter what career path you choose to follow, Mandl School, The College of Allied Health can help get you there. Contact the admissions office today at (212) 247-3434 to learn about their full range of programs and financial aid services. You can also visit the allied health school’s website for more information. 

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