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3 Tips to Make Your Home More Accessible And Safe October 12, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Tips to Make Your Home More Accessible And Safe, Lincoln, Nebraska

If you or a loved one use a walker, wheelchair, or scooter due to mobility issues, you may want to modify your home to suit your needs. Lincoln Mobility in Lincoln, NE, is the area’s leading medical equipment supplier, offering a wide range of high-quality products, including ramps, bath safety equipment, and stair lifts, as well as maintenance and repair services. Here, their specialists discuss a few ways to make your home more accessible and safe.

3 Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible & Safe

1. Modular Ramp Systems & Portable Ramps

For individuals who are mobility challenged, a wheelchair ramp is a transformative alteration. It’s important to ensure the ramp is wide enough and equipped with non-slip surfaces for rainy days. Hand-rails are also a safety feature you should consider for your modular ramp system.  Concrete and aluminum are the best materials for ramps, as they require no maintenance and are long-lasting. For maximum safety, one foot of ramp is recommended for every inch of rise.  For example, if you have 3 steps and they are 8” each, your rise is 24”.  Ideally, you would install a 24’ ramp.  You may be able to get by with a 12’ ramp, which is one foot of ramp for every 2” of rise but it will be more steep.

2. Stair Lifts

rampsFor full access to the entire house, a stair lift allows mobility challenged individuals to safely move up and down the stairs without assistance. Stair Lifts are a low cost alternative to an elevator if the individual is able to transfer on and off of the chair on the stair lift.  Most stair lifts are battery operated to allow for use during a power outage.   

3. Handrails/Grab Bars & Bath Safety Equipment

Using the bathroom can be a safety risk for the mobility challenged, especially the toilet area and shower area. By installing handrails or grab bars in your bathroom, you can grant your loved one the help they need to get in and out of the shower or bath tub. Strategically placed grab bars by the toilet can also be a huge benefit for getting on and off the toilet.

For more information about installing ramps, stairway lifts, or bath safety equipment in your home, contact the experts at Lincoln Mobility in Lancaster County, NE. They offer a wide variety of products, along with a comprehensive selection of equipment to make your home more accessible. Call (402) 421-8800 to speak with a representative, or visit the website for more information about their products and services. 

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