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Everything Bass Fishermen Need to Know About Liquid Mayhem™ October 13, 2017

Windsor Locks, Hartford County
Everything Bass Fishermen Need to Know About Liquid Mayhem™, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

If you love fishing, you know there’s nothing more disappointing than a day on the water without snagging a single bite. While many conditions can lead to this, one of them lies with your bait and lure. David Santos Fishing, the elite outdoor sports shop in Windsor Locks, CT, has the solution. With the use of their unique product, Liquid Mayhem™, fish are much more likely to locate your bait. 

An Introduction to Liquid Mayhem 

What Is It? 

Liquid MayhemLiquid Mayhem is a thick liquid, or gel, meant to be squeezed onto your lure. It is created using real fish bait and natural ingredients. Red in color, it is designed to attract fish.

How Does It Work?

Many lures are off-putting to bass, especially if they smell synthetic. In fact, fish rely heavily on their sense of smell. This is one reason Liquid Mayhem is so effective. Its scent is identical to the prey these fish are hunting. Because of its vibrant color, it also catches their eye. This makes it stand out among other options.

Why Use It? 

Liquid Mayhem is not the first fish attractant on the market. However, it has revolutionized the product. Offering a heightened staying power, Liquid Mayhem is guaranteed not to wash away after only being in the water for a few minutes. It is also incredibly concentrated. This means you can use less for each lure, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Liquid Mayhem is a product of David Santos Fishing. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, they have a true passion for fishing and fisherman. Their dedication has lead directly to the creation of this product and to the wealth of advice they extend to novice and experienced anglers. For more information, visit their website or call (860) 869-7722 today.

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