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4 Reasons to Have a Birthday Party at The Victors Gymnastics October 5, 2017

4 Reasons to Have a Birthday Party at The Victors Gymnastics, ,

Parents looking for an all-inclusive, affordable, and unique birthday party idea for their little one should check out The Victors Gymastics’ party packages. This local gymnastics gym in Rochester, NY, offers group parties for children aged five through 12 that are guaranteed fun for all guests. For those who are unfamiliar with the center, an instructor has given three reasons you should book them for your child’s next birthday before they’re all filled up.

4 Reasons To Have a Birthday Party at The Victors Gymnastics

1. It’s Unique

The party will start with ten minutes of tumbling track games followed by an hour of structured fun using the foam pit, parachute, trampolines, and other age-appropriate equipment.  From there, it’s time for food and presents! It’s doubtful your guests have ever attended a birthday party with this setup before, so this tumbling gym is an opportunity to give your child a unique and memorable experience.

2. It’s Affordable

tumblingIf you’re a member of The Victors Gymnastics center then you can get the full birthday party package for up to 15 guests for $179. If you’re a non-member, that fee only goes up to $199. Where else can you have a child’s party for a mere $12 per guest? Not to mention this includes pizza, refreshments, napkins, and flatware. All you have to bring is the cake! If you have more than 15 guests in mind, you can add attendees at $9 each. 

3. Friendly & Qualified Instructors

Have you ever taken your child to a birthday party with a traditional bounce house and watched in fear as kids ran around practically unsupervised? You certainly won’t have to worry about that at The Victors Gymnastics! All parties are handled by qualified instructors who understand how to safely guide each age group through the activities.

4. It Gets Them Moving

Any time you can emphasize the importance and fun of exercise to your child, you should take the opportunity to do so! Gymnastics workouts will get their heart rate up and work their motor skills. The party may even spur an interest in tumbling classes, which provide an array of physical, mental, and social benefits to your child’s long-term development.

A party with The Victors Gymnastics Center could be the answer to your child’s birthday conundrum. You can sit back and watch the fun with the peace of mind that all party guests are in trusted hands. To inquire about availability and book a gymnastics birthday party, call the gym at (585) 663-4810 or reach out through their website.

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