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6 Common Cremation Myths Debunked October 6, 2017

6 Common Cremation Myths Debunked, ,

Even though cremation has continued to grow in popularity throughout the United States, many myths still exist around this service. Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home in Cincinnati, OH, wants to debunk these falsehoods so you can make a truly educated decision on which route is best for you or your loved one before meeting with their team.

6 Cremation Myths Debunked

1. Cremation Equals Fire

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding cremation is that the body is burned with fire. In reality, the body is placed in a specialized furnace that raises the air’s temperature to an extremely high heat until the only remaining pieces are bone fragments. Then, these bone fragments are converted into ashes using electricity. 

2. Cremation Remains Are Ashes

Even though the term “ashes” is frequently used, the remains you receive are not ashes at all. The heat from the furnace incinerates any flesh and tissue so the urn is actually filled with the bone fragments that were then pulverized into the sand-like substance. 

3. You Could Get Someone Else’s Ashes

It’s a common yet unrealistic fear that you will get someone else’s remains following cremation. Most crematoriums have strict protocols in place guided by state laws and professional organizations to ensure all remains are properly identified. For example, it is prohibited to cremate two bodies at the same time without the written consent of each deceased person’s legal representative. 

4. Spreading Ashes Is Illegal

cremationFamilies that mistakenly believe spreading ashes is illegal may forego cremation as an option altogether. While you should certainly check local ordinances before scattering, many outdoor areas such as parks or off-shore are perfectly acceptable places to honor your loved one.

5. You Can’t Have a Traditional Funeral Service

Funeral services are typically linked with a traditional burial. However, the true meaning of a funeral service is to memorialize the lost loved one with the body present. If you choose cremation, this simply means your funeral will have an urn over a casket. Some families do choose to hold a traditional casket viewing, then delay burial until cremation is complete. 

6. Cremation Is Always Cheaper Than Burial

This statement is certainly true when comparing the average costs of the two disposition methods. However, an elaborate cremation service with an expensive urn, personalized obituary, off-site celebration, and other potential fees can quickly add up to the same cost as a typical burial.

Now that you’ve learned the truth behind these six common myths, you’re prepared to make decisions for a lost family member or begin pre-planning your own arrangements. The team with Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home is ready to put their 100 years of experience to use by guiding you every step of the way. Reach the funeral home by phone at (513) 939-2273 or contact them online to get started.