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4 Frameless Shower Enclosure FAQs October 16, 2017

West Plains, Howell
4 Frameless Shower Enclosure FAQs , West Plains, Missouri

Purchasing a frameless shower enclosure for a bathroom remodel will instantly modernize the space. Some people may not be familiar with the functionality or benefits of this product. A glass services professional can give you a brief introduction by focusing on questions they’ve received from clients in the past. 

FAQs About Frameless Shower Enclosures 

How Do They Differ From Framed Models? 

frameless shower enclosureLike their name suggests, frameless shower enclosures differ from traditional varieties because they lack a frame. Instead, they have a single pane of glass that provides a clean edge all the way around the enclosure. Their streamlined appearance is aesthetically pleasing and can make a space look larger than it actually is. They are also easier to clean, as there are no raised ridges for you to work around. 

Are They All Customized?

Frameless enclosures are completely customized to every space. A professional will come to your residence to take measurements. From there, they’ll send the numbers to their manufacturer to make a product with a seamless fit.

What Materials Are Available? 

Both clear and frosted glass are available. The latter offers more privacy, while clear lends an upscale touch. No matter what route you take for materials, installing a frameless enclosure will result in a luxurious transformation.

What Maintenance Is Needed? 

Soap stains and hard water quickly build up on shower enclosures and lead to a fog-like coating. The simplest way to combat this is to purchase a small squeegee. Run the tool over the glass surface a few times a week to ensure it retains its pristine condition for years to come.


For all of your frameless shower enclosure needs, connect with the experts at Mo-Ark Glass. These auto and residential glass professionals have assisted West Plains, MO, clients for over 30 years. To learn more about how your home will benefit from a frameless shower door, call (417) 257-2040 to talk to a representative. 

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