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A Car Accident Attorney Shares 3 Facts to Know About Georgia’s Statute of Limitations October 5, 2017

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A Car Accident Attorney Shares 3 Facts to Know About Georgia’s Statute of Limitations, Warner Robins, Georgia

Like all states, Georgia has specific rules in place regarding the timeframe for filing a lawsuit in a car accident injury case. These limits establish a deadline for filing a legal claim and aim to protect all those that may be involved in an injury matter. Below, the car accident attorneys at The Walker Firm in Warner Robins, GA, share three things to know about the state's statute of limitations in personal injury cases.

3 Things to Know About Georgia's Statute of Limitations

1. You Have Two Years From the Date of Injury to File Suit

Georgia law sets the window for filing a lawsuit at two years from the date of injury. If your injury was not apparent right away and the effects weren't visible until a later date, you are allowed to consider the timeframe of two years as starting from the date the injury was known to you. This can be helpful in car accident cases because not all accident injuries present themselves in the immediate wake of a crash.

2. Even Filing One Day Past the Deadline Nullifies Your Case

car accident attorneyThe laws set forth are strict and leave little room for loopholes or reinterpretation. If you file your lawsuit even one day after the two-year mark has passed, your case will likely not be admissible. In essence, you have forfeited your right to seek compensation, and the courts will not hear your case.

3. Loss of Companionship Claims Can Be Filed Up to Four Years After the Onset of Injury

Georgia's law does make one exception to the two-year rule. It involves the pursuit of damages for loss of companionship (legally known as Loss of Consortium) stemming from a personal injury. For example, if you get in a car accident and suffer life-limiting injuries, and your spouse leaves you as a result of these injuries, it would be considered loss of companionship. If this loss is within four years of sustaining the injury, you can still file a legal suit.

Call (478) 923-4152 or visit The Walker Firm online to schedule an appointment with a car accident attorney. They also offer representation in criminal law charges, wrongful death, and other legal cases. You can learn more about their services on Facebook or Google+. Let an experienced car accident attorney help you better understand Georgia's statute of limitations and work to get you the compensation you deserve in your injury case.

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