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How Do You Recoup Your Losses After a Baggage Delay? October 20, 2017

Glastonbury, Hartford County
How Do You Recoup Your Losses After a Baggage Delay?, Glastonbury, Connecticut

When traveling, you have to adhere to a fixed timetable; so, a lost bag, a medical emergency, or another delay can result in a missed flight or lost reservation that costs you both time and money. In these worst-case scenarios, a travel protection plan will help cover most or all of the expenses and rectify some of the inconvenience. Still, if you experience a baggage delay, there are several steps you must take to ensure you get the best results.

What to Do When There's a Baggage Delay

Contact the Lost Luggage Desk

Travel insurance in Glastonbury, CTThe first step to take is to contact the lost luggage desk to determine the situation. Do they know where your item is and how long the delay will be? Under most travel protection plans, the delay must last a certain minimum amount of time before expenses are covered— often 12 to 24 hours. Check your plan to determine what this period is.

Ask for Documentation

If the expected time surpasses the required minimum, you should ask airline representatives to provide documentation of the delay and the length of the period. Also, ask for additional records to verify the length of the detainment when the luggage is returned to you.

Buy Replacement Items

Purchase any necessities you require due to the loss of the luggage. Covered goods include clothing, toiletries, and other personal care items up to the plan maximum, which is usually anywhere between $100 to $500.

Submit a Claim

You don't have to file a claim immediately; you can wait until you return home from your trip. However, if you put it off, it's important you do not misplace the documentation verifying the delay. You'll want to submit these records with your claim to hasten the disposition and payment.

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