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The Lost Wax Casting Process Explained November 7, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
The Lost Wax Casting Process Explained, Manhattan, New York

Lost wax casting is a method of pouring liquid metals into a mold, in order to make glorious works of art. This process is ideal for creating a range of stylish and unforgettable jewelry, and Frank Billanti Casting utilizes it when reproducing designs for clients. As a highly regarded jewelry manufacturer, the Billanti team makes use of modern technology along with tried-and-true methods like lost wax casting.

Below, they shed some light on the total process, which has been in use since ancient times.

Model Creation

Before the lost wax casting process begins, a designer must first make a model of the item being cast. Jewelry models are typically created or sculpted from wax, but can also be made via CAD on computers today, and 3-D printed into wax. A stiff jewelers carving wax, or 3-D printed wax help to keep a strong wax design, which won’t bend or break during the process.

lost wax castingSprue Is Attached

The next step in the lost wax casting process involves affixing wax sprues to the wax tree. These sprues—also called gates —enable multiple waxes to be on the same tree where the tree will be cast in one liquid metal pour. These sprues will play the role of feeding the design once metal is introduced into the mold.

Placing the Investment Mold

A silica base, or investment mold, is placed around the wax model tree. The investment hardens and is placed into the oven/ kiln where the wax completely melts out of the main fill hole. Next the liquid metal is poured in the fill hole, and it takes the place of the wax, including all the fine details, that has been melted away—i.e., the “lost wax.” The investment mold shell covering is broken upon its cooling post casting, and what’s left is a metal replica tree of the original wax.

Known throughout New York City, and to their clients all over the United States, Frank Billanti Casting can create wearable works of art, with the highest level of quality to get your brand noticed. They offer casting services for other items, from ornamental decorations to moderately sized statues. They even offer the polishing or other jewelry finishing services in addition to this casting process. Learn more about this innovative lost wax casting company by calling (212) 221-0440 today. If you’d like to learn more about the full range of services offered, feel free to visit them online.

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