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5 Must-Haves to Bring on a Charter Bus Trip October 5, 2017

Whittenton Junction, Taunton
5 Must-Haves to Bring on a Charter Bus Trip, Taunton, Massachusetts

If you’ve always craved a cross-country road trip, a charter bus can make that dream a reality. Bus tours offer opportunities to venture out of your comfort zone, exploring the nation at an affordable price. To make the most of your trip, packing for comfort is key. If you’re unsure what to bring, here’s your go-to checklist: 

5 Must-Haves to Take on a Charter Bus

1. Personal Hygiene Products

Charter services don’t enforce any liquid limitations, so you’re free to bring full-size toothpaste or your favorite shampoo. Since you’ll also have access to an onboard bathroom, pack whichever hygiene supplies keep you clean and comfortable. You’ll visit rest stops and hotels, so spare the rest for the nearest shower; feeling fresh will prepare you for the adventurous day ahead. 

2. Onboard Entertainment

Bus tours engage passengers in incredible scenery, but entertainment will enhance the experience as you watch sights pass by. Bring your headphones, a magazine, or your tablet to enjoy some fun along the way. No matter how long the journey, you won’t even realize how long you’ve been on the road. 

3. Comfortable Carry-Ons

While a charter bus contains headrests and footrests, boost your comfort with a pillow, blanket, a neck rest, and whatever helps you drift off to sleep. You’ll spend nights onboard, so with seats designed for relaxation, optimize the experience with cozy carry-ons. 

4. An Assortment of Snacks

charter busMeals are included in most charter services with the price of your ticket. However, since you’ll get hungry along the way, pack your favorite snacks. A bag of chips, dried fruit, or nuts will sustain your hunger until you reach the next destination.  

5. Required Paperwork

Since you’ll be enjoying various experiences, carry proper identification. If you’re traveling with the U.S., have your state ID readily available. If you’re crossing the border, you’ll need a passport. Keep these handy so you’re not digging through bags to reach your documents. 


Taunton, MA’s Bloom Bus offers numerous exciting adventures throughout the U.S. and Eastern Canada. Their bus tours include meals, hotels, and sightseeing; so, you can enjoy top-notch travel at an affordable price. The charter bus fleet includes 25 luxury motorcoaches; so, whether you’re exploring Atlantic City or Quebec City, you’ll experience ultimate comfort along the way. Visit the website to view destinations and dates, or call (800) 323-3009 to speak with an associate today!

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