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5 Possessions You Should Put in Climate-Controlled Storage October 3, 2017

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5 Possessions You Should Put in Climate-Controlled Storage, Bad Rock-Columbia Heights, Montana

Storing your most-valued possessions in a climate-controlled storage unit is the best way you can preserve their quality and worth. Since these units protect your items from variable temperatures and humidity levels, you won’t have to worry about them over time. With over 20 years of experience serving the Columbia Falls, MT, community, Windmill Storage and Business Park knows all the benefits these specialty units offer. Below, their team shares the top five items that should be stored in climate-controlled units.

What Items Should Always Be Kept in Climate-Controlled Storage?

1. Electronics

Electronics are one of the easiest items that can become damaged in a storage space. That’s because, if they’re in a humid unit, they are prone to moisture buildup which can ultimately ruin the item. TVs can also experience major damage, as fluctuating temperatures can harm their screen and other internal components.

2. Photos or Artwork

Precious pictures and pieces of art are extremely sensitive to climate conditions. Due to their fragile nature, their ink is susceptible to blending and losing its sheen. Artwork can also warp and lose its value with changing temperatures and humidity levels.

3. Clothing

climate-controlled storageYou might be surprised to find out climate-controlled storage can protect your clothing. Even though they can withstand temperature changes, too much moisture can cause mold or mildew to grow on your clothes. If you plan on leaving your clothes in a storage rental while the seasons change, you can prevent them from being damaged by storing them in a climate-controlled unit.

4. Furniture

You should always store your furniture in climate-controlled storage, no matter if it’s wood, leather, or upholstered. Wood is susceptible to expanding and contracting with varying temperature conditions, which can cause it to warp or rot. Leather can become discolored with too much moisture, and, like fabric, can potentially grow mildew.

5. Any Collectible Item

Whether you collect comics, coins, wine, or even historical artifacts, you want to provide them with the utmost protection. Most of these valuables are expensive, which is why you should take all precautions when storing them.

If you’re searching for climate-controlled storage for your most prized possessions, contact the team at Windmill Storage and Business Park at (406) 892-8900. Their location has over 700 available units and even provides spaces for RV and boat storage. For more information, you can visit their website to read all about their offerings.

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