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What Factors Into How Long It Takes to Settle a Personal Injury Claim? November 28, 2018

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What Factors Into How Long It Takes to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?, Catonsville, Maryland

One of the most common questions personal injury clients ask their attorney is how long it will take to settle their claim. Unfortunately, there is no way of providing an accurate answer. These types of cases are rarely cut-and-dry and each one is handled according to its unique circumstances. It can take a while to gather all the evidence needed to prove liability, work out negotiations, or go through a trial. On the other hand, some people choose to settle quickly for a lesser amount, giving up much of the compensation they’re entitled.

Variables That Affect the Duration of a Case

personal injuryThere are a number of factors that affect how long it takes to conclude a personal injury claim, though cases tend to move slower when there is a lot of money involved. For instance, when there is more at stake, legal or factual elements of the incident and its aftermath are likelier to be called into question. In some cases, it’s also challenging to prove that another’s negligent actions directly caused the injuries in question. 

Why It’s Worth Taking Your Time

If an initial settlement offer is rejected, it will take time to properly file the lawsuit, go through the discovery period, conduct depositions, conduct pre-trial motions, and present the case in court. However, despite the desire for everything to move fast, victims are usually more satisfied with the outcome of their case when they choose not to rush into a settlement. If you and your attorney take your time, there is a higher likelihood of being awarded all the damages the case is worth.


Before agreeing to settle with the other party, consult with a lawyer at the Law Offices of Frank E Turney, P.A., to weigh out the pros and cons. Through effective legal counsel and skilled litigation, they have helped numerous residents in and around Catonsville, MD, pursue justice and recover fair restitution for their damages. Contact them at (410) 788-8830, or visit them online to learn more about their experience with personal injury claims. 

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