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5 Questions to Ask When Renting Oil Field Equipment October 12, 2017

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5 Questions to Ask When Renting Oil Field Equipment , Hobbs, New Mexico

If you're looking for oil field equipment, there are a few questions you should always ask before renting or hiring a contracting company that provides oil field supplies. Your operations require quality equipment and experienced operators with a priority of safety. Lucky Services, Inc., has locations in Hobbs, NM, and Midland, TX; here, they share some questions you should ask about oil field equipment.

5 Questions to Ask When Renting Oil Field Equipment

1. What Are Your Safety Stats?

The number one priority of all equipment providers should be safety. Whether it comes to operating pulling machines, drilling wells, or providing oil field maintenance, all employees should be well-versed in safety regulations. If you're looking for an equipment provider, check out their safety statistics and go with those that have an impressive safety culture.

2. What Kind of Equipment Do You Provide?

Some smaller contracting companies offer a limited range of products. If you need full-service rig equipment, you should check with providers beforehand to see what kind of oil field machinery they provide. Some companies, like Lucky Services, provide everything from drilling equipment to trucks and tanks, to safety supplies. Check to make sure they have everything you need.

Oil Field Equipment3. How Often Is Your Equipment Serviced?

Most of the time, company safety depends on how well equipment is maintained, and you can tell a lot about a company and their equipment by how often they have it serviced. This time frame will vary depending on the individual components. If you make sure that all equipment is well-kept, you can keep your rig running with minimal NPT.

4. How Much Experience Do Your Operators Have?

Even if your rig workers have all the operating and safety training necessary, there's still nothing that can replace good, old-fashioned, on-the-job experience. Check with your contracting companies to see what kind of experience their operators have. Look for workers who are professional and knowledgeable about their equipment.

5. How Big Are Your Operations?

You can also tell a lot about a company by how big it is. A company that has a wide variety of services and equipment has probably been in business for a while and has the credentials and expertise to work with you.

When Lucky Services, Inc. started out 30 years ago, they were just a small rig maintenance company. While they still perform rig maintenance, they also rent a wide variety of equipment and they own 23 of their own drilling rigs. Their success comes from a culture of respect and safety which they can also carry to your company. If you're looking for quality oil field equipment for on-site workovers and completions, contact them today at (575) 392-1547 and visit their website to learn more.

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