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5 Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tips October 9, 2017

East Hamilton, Hamilton
5 Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tips, Hamilton, Ohio

Fall is a beautiful time of year when colors change and flavorful herbs such as oregano and basil are ripe for harvesting. There are also many maintenance tasks that are best done over autumn. So if you love your landscape design, here are a few fall landscaping maintenance tips for helping it survive over winter and get a fresh start next spring.

Top 5 Tips for Fall Landscaping Maintenance

1. Overseed Your Lawn

Does your lawn have any bare patches? If so, now is the perfect time for overseeding. This task is only appropriate for healthy lawns, though; if your current lawn coverage is 50% or less, ask a landscaper about your options for growing a new lawn.

2. Remove Dead Branches

Not to be confused with pruning—which is meant to encourage new growth and should only be done in spring—dead growth removal is a very important fall landscape maintenance task. It will neaten your landscape as well as prevent dead branches from flying around during winter storms.

3. Disconnect Your Sprinkler System

To prevent costly and dangerous pipe bursts, be sure to winterize your sprinkler system. First, disconnect all hoses from your faucets, then allow them to drain and dry completely. Store all sprinkler system components indoors to ensure nothing freezes.

4. Add Mulch to Your Landscaping Design

landscape maintenanceOne of the primary benefits of mulch is that it keeps plant roots from freezing and dehydrating. So before temperatures really plummet this winter, cover your garden with beauty bark, wood chips, or small gravel. This will ensure your trees and plants are protected from the winter chill. Just allow at least six inches of clearance between mulch and tree trunks.

5. Clean Your Gutters

Last but not least, keep those gutters clean and unblocked. This landscape maintenance task will get harder come winter, so while you still can, make sure this critical part of your roofing system stays free of dead leaves and sticks.


Imfeld Nursery first opened its doors in 1973 and has been the Hamilton, OH, area’s go-to experts for landscaping maintenance ever since. If you need help with your fall maintenance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them at (513) 868-1828. More information about their custom landscaping services is available online.

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