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Understanding the 4 Different Types of Fuel Injection October 6, 2017

Ocean Hill, Brooklyn
Understanding the 4 Different Types of Fuel Injection, Brooklyn, New York

The more you know about your fuel injection system, the better care you’ll be able to give to your engine. With some guidance from an auto specialist, you’ll be a much savvier car owner in no time. Located in Brooklyn, NY, Discount Auto Repair is where drivers go when they need an auto tuneup. Offering everything from fuel injections to wheel alignments, the professionals will ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. Here is a rundown from the veteran auto staff about the varieties of fuel injection.

A Local Auto Shop’s Guide to the Different Kinds of Fuel Injection

Single-Point Injection

fuel injectionThis mechanism operates instead of a carburetor, providing a single access point for fuel in your engine. Considered a more rudimentary design, the single-point injection will work, but it allows for less precision.

Multi-Point Injection

With multiple access points, this type of fuel injection allows for a higher degree of control. Technicians can easily optimize the exact amount of fuel your engine will receive. As a result, you’ll be able to cut down on wasted fuel, allowing you to save a substantial amount of money over the lifetime of your car. 

Sequential Injection

A more specialized variety of multi-point injection, sequential injection operates with multiple ports of entry but releases the fuel at different times. By synchronizing more closely with your engine, the fuel can be received without any loss. 

Direct Injection

This type of injection bypasses valves entirely and sends the fuel right into the combustion chamber. Because of the direct connection, even higher degrees of precision can be attained, saving you time and money. 

If you’re due for a fuel injection, head over to Discount Auto Repair. You can speak to the knowledgeable staff by calling (718) 922-7079. Learn more about the shop by visiting their website

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