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5 Essential Pieces of Archery Equipment for Beginners October 19, 2017

Belleville, Essex County
5 Essential Pieces of Archery Equipment for Beginners, Belleville, New Jersey

Archery is an exciting solo sport that has a variety of applications. Whether you plan to hunt, enter shooting competitions, or do it at your leisure, there are essential pieces of archery equipment you’ll need as a beginner. The staff at Bullet Hole Annex in Belleville, NJ, provides gear that ensures you’ll get the most out of every shot. Before you hit the range, make sure you have the archery equipment below.

5 Pieces of Archery Equipment for Beginners

1. Bow

For amateurs, recurve bows are the most popular because they are easy to use. Compound bows are better for generating more power, and longbows will help with distance. The bow you need depends on your goals, so explore different options before hitting the indoor archery range.

2. Arrows

archery-equipment Arrows have to be chosen carefully based on the type of bow you’re using. They need to be the right length for your draw, have the right heads for what you’re shooting at, and adhere to any range rules. Material is also a factor, which is why it’s always best to buy arrows when you purchase the bow.

3. Bow Stringer

If you’re using a recurve bow, a stringer is essential. This is the only safe way to draw the string on the bow without putting the frame at risk. It will ensure the bow bends correctly and evenly and doesn’t twist. This will help you shoot better and preserve the life span of your equipment.

4. Nocking Points

Learning where to place your arrow on the string is important for beginners. Consistency is vital, and nocking points will help. These pieces of archery equipment ensure you place the arrow at the same point on each shot and will protect the bow hand when you release.

5. Targets

Choosing the right type of target is important when you’re starting out. It provides a way to track your shooting and assess what you’re doing right as well as where improvements can be made. You also need quality materials so the arrows don’t shoot through and become damaged.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran archer, turn to the staff at Bullet Hole Annex for your next archery equipment purchase. They carry a variety of top brands and offer archery classes for every skill level. Call (973) 759-8800 today to speak with their staff, and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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