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3 Inquiries to Make Before Hiring a Company for Well Water Services October 5, 2017

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3 Inquiries to Make Before Hiring a Company for Well Water Services, Kannapolis, North Carolina

It’s crucial to work with a renowned well water service to safeguard your property’s drinking supply. Doing so ensures the health of your home’s occupants and the functionality of your well system. As you begin the search for the right company, make sure you’re asking the right questions. 

What to Ask Before Committing to a Well Water Service

Are You Certified?

well water servicesAs a hard rule, you should never work with a well water company that isn’t certified. Lack of documentation is likely a red flag pointing to an inexperienced company—a dangerous combination when coupled with your drinking supply. A certified provider will have the training and experience to tend to your system safely.

What Services Do You Offer?

Not all water well companies have the same services, so inquire upfront about what they can assist you with. Some well drilling companies, for instance, don’t do repairs. It’s best to hire a team capable of performing a range of well water services—that way, you always know who to turn to. 

Can You Provide References?

Even if a company looks fantastic on paper, it’s still important to follow up with outside opinions. Steer clear of businesses that are unwilling to connect you with past clients. References can reveal useful context about a provider: Are they honest? Do they stay true to their estimates? Anyone hesitant to give you contacts likely has a poor reputation. 


Based in Kannapolis, NC, Morgan Well & Pump Inc. has emerged as the region’s leading provider of well water services. Offering everything from drilling to repair, their professionals ensure your supply is healthy and delicious. Speak to one of their friendly staff members by calling (704) 933-0479. Learn more about the company online or by liking them on Facebook

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