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Leading American Clothing Shop Discusses How It Got Its Iconic Name & Logo October 5, 2017

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
Leading American Clothing Shop Discusses How It Got Its Iconic Name & Logo, Jacksonville East, Florida

Whether you’re looking for something comfortable to hit the town in this weekend, or a more rugged outfit that can hold up on a week-long hunting trip, Over Under Clothing in Jacksonville, FL, has threads to suit nearly every scenario; they’ve also got a name you can’t forget. In the past few years, many of their clients have expressed an interest in just how the American clothing brand came up with their trademark name and logo, so they’ve shared the story below. 

It All Started With a Shotgun

The American clothing brand name has been nearly a hundred years in the making. Named for the unique, Over-Under style of shotgun used on winged prey like geese and ducks, they aimed to create a brand of clothing that reflected the lifestyles of those who used the classic firearm. For every piece of garment or accessory they design, they ensure it retains a timelessness style that is as artistic as it is wearable. Whether you’re in the field or on a night out, their all-American wardrobe will keep you comfortable in any situation. 

The Symbol of the Pooch 

american clothingThose familiar with Over Under Clothing have likely noticed the trademark pooch that’s featured on their logo. Well, the Labrador Retriever is almost as much a part of their business vision as the shotgun is. Created from decades of selective breeding and exceptionally hard work, the retriever embodies all the characteristics they have become known for: reliability, steadfastness, and versatility. To the founders of Over Under Clothing, it seemed only suitable that this outstanding breed of hunting dog be incorporated into their trademarked brand. In fact, the owners cite the Labrador’s unwavering devotion and affection as one of the aspects that set the breed apart. 

If you’re looking for an American clothing shop that offers reliable and rugged apparel at a reasonable price, browse the selection at Over Under Clothing. 100% American-made, their products reflect the company’s belief that this country’s tradition is strong and worth aspiring to. Visit them online for a look at their complete inventory of outerwear and dog accessories; for any questions, call (904) 619-0577. 

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