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7 Tasty Appetizers to Try at a Pizza Joint October 4, 2017

Onalaska, La Crosse County
7 Tasty Appetizers to Try at a Pizza Joint, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Nothing gets your taste buds going better than a delicious appetizer before your favorite pizza. At South Lanes Pizza in La Crosse, WI, their menu’s extensive list of starters are sure to please everyone in your party. From classic fries and garlic bread to nachos stacked high, here are seven appetizers to try during your next visit to the restaurant and bowling alley.

7 Must-Have Appetizers at South Lanes Pizza

Fries & Onion Rings

Classic and always yummy, the restaurant offers small and large regular fries as well as curly fries. If you prefer onion rings, the pizza restaurant is happy to add those to your meal, too.

Hot Wings

The restaurant’s list of flavors for your chicken wings includes bourbon, honey garlic, and teriyaki. Choose hot, mild, naked, sweet chili, or sweet & sour depending on your palate. And, don’t forget the ranch to cool off those taste buds!

Garlic Bread

Buttery, warm, and delicious, choose your standard garlic bread or add cheese for an extra boost. Whatever your style, garlic bread is a great way to start your lunch or dinner.

Chicken Fingers

Another classic enjoyed by diners of all ages, perfectly fried chicken fingers come in three-piece or six-piece options. Pair with your favorite dipping sauce like marinara, BBQ, or honey mustard.

Cheese Curds

Available in small and large, cheese curds are a bite-sized pop of flavor to keep you satisfied before indulging in your pizza slice of choice. Their crispy exterior and warm, cheesy center is a perfect treat before dinner.

Mini Tacos With Salsa

Tiny tacos packed with flavor, this twelve-piece appetizer is great for the whole family. They’re also perfect for splitting with a few friends before a bowling game.

restaurantNachos Supreme

Nacho lovers can indulge in this plate of fried and lightly salted tortilla chips. Stacked on top, you’ll find taco meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, olives, and jalapenos. Add salsa, sour cream, and guacamole to complete each bite.

If you are looking for great food and friendly service, South Lanes Pizza is the place to go. The restaurant offers a packed menu of appetizers, pizza specials, sandwiches, and pasta made from the best ingredients as well as a bar stocked with your favorite brews. It is also a bowling alley, making it a top choice for a fun night out with friends and family.  Visit their website to check out their full menu and find their closest location to you or call (608) 788-0830.