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The Pros & Cons of Gas & Electric Stoves October 12, 2017

Brighton, Monroe
The Pros & Cons of Gas & Electric Stoves, Brighton, New York

Are you about to embark on a kitchen remodeling project? In addition to aesthetic details like flooring and countertops, you may be tasked with choosing between a gas and an electric stove. As the remodeling and renovation professionals at Kornerstone Kitchens of Rochester, NY, explain, both have their pros and cons. Here, they share what you need to know to make an informed decision.


Gas stoves are powered by natural gas. The burner rings ensure the flame disperses itself evenly along the bottom and sides of the pan, resulting in food that’s cooked consistently. They’re an exceptional choice for cooks who value the outcome of their culinary projects. If your home already has a gas line, opt for this stove.

Gas stoves can be expensive, however, and they may not be cost-effective options if you’re watching your kitchen remodeling budget closely. This is especially pertinent if your home doesn’t already have gas; you need to install a gas line to power the unit.


Rochester, NY kitchen remodelingElectric stoves are usually made with glass and evoke an elegant, contemporary appearance. They’re also easier to clean than burner rings. Less experienced cooks may not be as concerned that an electric stove doesn’t cook food as evenly as a gas burner. For those who don’t spend much time in the kitchen, the electric stove is a sensible, easy-care choice.

Electric stoves, meanwhile, may fall short of an experienced cooks’ standards. And since they depend on electricity, they can’t be used if the power goes out.

Whether you’re replacing an existing stove or undergoing an entire kitchen remodeling project, rely on the specialists at Kornerstone Kitchens to bring your vision to life. These kitchen design experts know a thing or two about making great culinary choices — they’ve been serving Monroe County homes with renovation and remodeling services for over 40 years. Visit the company’s website to learn more, and call (585) 427-0280 to schedule an appointment.

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