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3 Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Winter Storage October 9, 2017

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3 Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Winter Storage, Bad Rock-Columbia Heights, Montana

Summer is over, and that means it’s time to start looking into boat storage to keep your trusty vessel safe during the winter months. While good storage will help keep your watercraft safe from the elements during the colder weather, you’ll still want to take a few precautions before moving your boat to a facility. The team at Windmill Storage and Business Park in Columbia Falls, MT, wants to help. Here, they share a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your winter boat storage.

3 Tips to Get Your Boat Ready for a Storage Facility

1. Check For Issues

Before you bring your boat to a storage facility, it’s important to check for any lingering maintenance issues. Take your boat out on the water one more time and give it a full once-over. Make sure no fluids are leaking from the motor and it’s handling just as well as it did at the height of the season. If you notice anything off, bring it to your mechanic and let them inspect it before you store it.

2. Clean It Thoroughly

Boat StorageEven the cleanest water can leave traces of fungus and grime behind. Rather than storing your boat with all these contaminants on the hull, take the time to wash it thoroughly. Make sure to scrub the deck, as well as the exterior, to ensure your vessel is as clean as possible. This will reduce the risk of buildup while your boat is parked in storage and ensures it’s ready for the following season.

3. Perform Routine Maintenance

Just like your car, your boat needs regular oil and fluid changes. Before storing it for any length of time, make sure you perform routine maintenance—changing the oil and replacing filters—to reduce the risk of premature corrosion in your engine.

Winter storage doesn’t have to be hard on your boat. Let the team at Windmill Storage and Business Park help you find the perfect boat storage solutions for your vessel. Their dedicated staff will work with you to help keep your boat safe during the harsh winter months. Visit their website for more information on their boat storage, and call (406) 892-8900 to speak with a member of their staff.

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