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3 Reasons to Choose Tile Refinishing For an Old Surface October 12, 2017

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3 Reasons to Choose Tile Refinishing For an Old Surface, St. Ann, Missouri

Kitchen and bathroom surfaces can look dull, faded, and dated over time, but tile refinishing can help homeowners avoid the cost and mess of replacing a countertop or other surface. With refinishing, a technician sands the surface, and specialized fillers and compounds are used to fill in flaws before the tile is reglazed. Refinishing can also change the appearance from one material to another, such as transforming the look of laminate into stone.

The bathroom and remodeling specialists at Contemporary Refinishing have transformed many surfaces throughout the St. Louis, MO, area. Below, they offer a few reasons to opt for tile refinishing for any old surfaces in your home.

3 Reasons to Refinish an Old Surface

1. It Saves Money

The average cost of installing new countertops or tile is approximately $3,000, but tile refinishing can be done for a fraction of that amount. Natural stone tile, for example, can cost $10,000 or more. But if you opt for refinishing instead, you can achieve the look of granite or marble for closer to $1,000 for the entire project.

tile refinishing2. It’s Easy to Achieve

Replacing old surfaces requires a lot of labor and can create a major mess in your home for days or weeks. Refinishing, on the other hand, can be done in a single day by an experienced professional. Since there is essentially no installation involved with refinishing, there will be no dust or construction mess to clean up afterward. 

3. It’s Eco-Friendly

Replacing old surfaces means purchasing new materials, and many of your old materials will end up in a landfill because they can’t be recycled. If you chose to refinish a surface instead, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and save natural materials from being exhausted.

If you’re interested in upgrading an old surface in your home, turn to the team at Contemporary Refinishing in St. Louis, MO. These experts will use tile refinishing to achieve a look you love. Call (314) 520-0857 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about the services they offer.

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