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3 Tips for Giving Your Teen Highway Driving Lessons October 10, 2017

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3 Tips for Giving Your Teen Highway Driving Lessons , Weymouth Town, Massachusetts

As a parent, it’s common to be anxious about your teenager climbing behind the wheel of a car and navigating the roadways on their own. This fear may become especially heightened at the thought of them getting on the busy highway. Aside from enrolling them in a reputable driving school, the best way to preserve their safety is to reinforce what they’re learning with real-life practice. Giving your teen highway driving lessons will help them make a smooth transition from local streets to the interstate.

Here are a few tips you can use to start preparing your teenager to drive on the highway:

  • Practice Merging & Staying Up to Speed: One of the most important lessons to learn about driving on the highway is safely merging. Successfully merging with oncoming traffic takes quite a bit of skill. New drivers must be educated on how to properly move from the ramp into the lanes while going at the same rate of speed as other drivers.

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  • Stay Aware of Their Surroundings: Teen drivers often make the mistake of continuously staring straight ahead when behind the wheel. While it’s crucial to maintain focus on the road, they need to stay aware of their surroundings. With so many cars on the highway, drivers should constantly be using their mirrors and scanning the areas around them to detect hazards and sudden changes in the flow of traffic.
  • Review Safe Lane Changes: Teens must learn how to balance speed and distance when moving into a different lane safely. They should determine whether or not there’s enough space between them and other vehicles before switching. It’s also vital to check all mirrors and use their turn signal before attempting to make the change.

The more you work with your teen on their highway driving lessons, the more confident they will become when operating a vehicle. It will also give them valuable experience before they venture out on the road by themselves.

If you’re ready to enroll your teenager in driving school, contact New England Driving School in Weymouth, MA. Although the state does not require driving schools to teach students how to drive on the highway, their instructors are happy to teach your teen at the end of their lessons if they feel ready. The school’s professional instructors encourage parents to be as active in their teen’s driver education as possible. Call the school at (781) 337-1003 to learn more about their highly regarded training classes, or visit them online to view a current schedule.

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