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Why Diabetics Should Visit Their Eye Doctor Annually October 18, 2017

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Why Diabetics Should Visit Their Eye Doctor Annually, Talladega, Alabama

An annual eye exam is important because certain conditions that affect vision do not necessarily manifest symptoms during the early stages. Thus, even if you feel fine, an underlying problem could be developing; and, without early detection and treatment, the prognosis might be unfavorable. It is especially important for people with diabetes to visit their eye doctor annually. Below, the team at Talladega Ophthalmology Clinic in Talladega and Pell City, AL, explains why.

3 Reasons Diabetics Should See Their Eye Doctor Regularly

1. To Prevent Disease

Irreversible eye damage can occur as the result of diabetes before blurred vision, pain, or any other symptoms are present. For example, people who have diabetic retinopathy do not typically experience any symptoms until after the condition has advanced to the point where it will cause rapid vision loss permanently. If the condition is in the early stages, though, an eye doctor can diagnose and start treating it during the annual eye exam.

2. To Manage Any Conditions

eye doctorEven conditions that are untreatable can be stopped or slowed with early detection. Since ophthalmologists are uniquely qualified to identify and treat the various eye disorders that affect people with diabetes, it is important to visit your eye doctor every year in addition to your general practitioner.

3. To Monitor Overall Health

The eyes provide a clear view of the blood vessels. If your eye doctor notices changes in the blood vessels of the eye, there is a good chance similar changes are happening throughout the body. That is why your ophthalmologist will always share exam results with your primary care physician.

If you have diabetes and you’re overdue for an annual eye exam, turn to Talladega Ophthalmology Clinic. To learn more about the screenings and eye health care they provide, visit their website, and call (256) 362-1590 to make an eye doctor appointment in Talladega or Pell City, AL. 

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