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What You Should Know About Grease Traps October 4, 2017

Dalton, Whitfield
What You Should Know About Grease Traps, Dalton, Georgia

If you’re an avid cook, you already know that fats, oils, and grease can accumulate and clog drain lines. Restaurants commonly use grease traps to get rid of this buildup, but many people wonder if these devices can be useful in other settings. The following guide explains what this equipment is and where it is commonly used.

What Is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a large container that collects the wastewater leaving your property. Before the water flows into a septic system, the trap separates and holds solidified fats, oils, and grease, also known as FOG. This keeps the mass from traveling to your septic tank, where it can cause clogs. Since oil is less dense than water, it floats to the top of the grease trap, where it can be gathered and disposed of easily. 

Who Needs a Grease Trap?

grease trap Dalton GAEven if you cook elaborate meals at home each night, your kitchen does not produce enough FOG to require a grease trap. Commercial kitchens collect such large amounts of this substance that they need this equipment. 

In a residential kitchen, built-up grease can lead to a clogged drain, but this issue is relatively simple to fix. Commercial cooks use high-volume fryers, stoves, and ovens that produce more grease, resulting in a bigger mess.

Kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and event centers need grease traps to prevent FOG from flowing into their septic tanks. Washing these substances down the drain can cause widespread damage. Many states even regulate the design and use of grease traps to prevent these problems in commercial settings. 


A properly installed grease trap will prevent FOG from clogging your drain and pipes, so you can avoid serious septic tank issues. If you’re concerned about grease buildup in your commercial kitchen, then let A-1 Pumping Service and Drain Cleaning of Dalton, GA, provide a solution. Visit their website to learn more about their septic maintenance services, and call (706) 272-3352 to schedule a service appointment. 

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