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Benefits of Buying Used Tires Instead of New October 4, 2017

Eastside, Paterson
Benefits of Buying Used Tires Instead of New, Paterson, New Jersey

For most people, a vehicle is one of the biggest investments they will make. However, taking care of your car doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. 21 Ave Tire Repair in Paterson, NJ, is the area’s leading source for both new and used tires. According to their team, there are some notable benefits of buying used tires that you should know the next time you are in the market for a set.

Why Buying Used Tires Instead of New Is a Good Investment

Saves Money

Perhaps the most obvious reason to purchase used tires instead of new is the cost savings. New tires can cost hundreds of dollars, while used tires cost a fraction of what you’ll pay for a brand-new set. Plus, discount tire stores stock the same brand-name tires you’ll find anywhere, so you know you’re getting a name you can trust.

Offers Comparable Quality

Why would you pay more than you have to for similar tire performance? Many used tires you’ll find for sale are gently worn and offer the same safety and handling benefits of new sets. The key is working with a discount tire dealer with a large inventory to get the right set for your vehicle.

Helps Cut Down on Waste

used tiresLandfills are overflowing with discarded tires. By purchasing used, you’re keeping viable tires in service and helping protect the environment. This means fewer sets clog up our garbage dumps and fewer natural resources are used to produce new tires.

Your vehicle is important to you. Get the performance you need for a great price by checking out used tires the next time you need a set. Whether your existing set has worn tread or you have a flat tire, call 21 Ave Tire Repair at (973) 225-0923 or visit them online for more information on all of their services. 

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