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Top 3 Misconceptions About Young Professionals October 16, 2017

Huntington, Huntington
Top 3 Misconceptions About Young Professionals, Huntington, New York

Millennials have gotten a significant amount of grief over the past few years, criticized by just about everyone from journalists, politicians, and cable news anchors. They are often viewed as flippant, unreliable kids who love to party, but this isn’t so. These young professionals are increasingly proving themselves to be ambitious creatives who are redefining the workspace.  

Dispelling the Myths About Young Professionals

1. They Don't Care Enough About Their Jobs

Many people assume that twenty-somethings and other young professionals are either working just to pay the rent, or are never satisfied and continuously search for bigger and better opportunities. However, while millennials appreciate being valued and achieving their full potential, they often prefer to develop their skills and strengthen their professional relationships in the jobs they currently have. 

2. Salary Is All That Matters

young professionalsYoung professionals prioritize a handful of other features, including benefits, room for growth, and relationships with their colleagues and supervisors. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Millennial Generation Research Review, 56% said a good benefits package influences what job they choose to take, and even more, 63%, said benefits are a key reason to stay with a current employer. 

3. They Lack the Right Priorities 

Some assume that young professionals are still caught up in the college lifestyle, more interested in parties and bar-hopping than in the priorities that anchor the adult life. But millennials are more mature than we think. Most value their family, security, and careers a great deal, and these, along with their ambitions and entrepreneurial spirit, are often reflected in the workplace. 


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