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How to Choose Between Staining & Painting October 10, 2017

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How to Choose Between Staining & Painting, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

When it comes to decks, fences, and other wooden structures around your property, deciding between staining and painting means assessing what needs to be covered and the look you desire for each area. These features survive the elements better when they aren’t left bare and susceptible to dirt, warping, and water damage, but which route is best? The residential painting team at Suburban Painting Co. in Lexington, KY, explains when to choose staining and when to opt for painting.


For decks, floors, and other horizontal areas, stain is the better option. These places will have more traffic, leading to quicker wear and tear. Stain maintenance is less costly than repainting; even exterior paint made to handle any weather isn’t durable enough for what decks and flooring must withstand. 

When it comes to aesthetic and style, staining is typically used when you want to see the texture and detail of the material on which it is applied. Stain is thinner than paint and soaks into the material. Semi-transparent stains allow the wood grain to show through, and even opaque stains, which are typically thicker and more like paint, still display some texture. If you want to keep a natural, rustic wood look but need to protect the feature from weather and sunshine, a stain is your best option.


residential paintingVertical surfaces like doors, windows, fences, and posts can be painted. Quality residential painting on these areas can last up to six years before any repainting may be needed. Painting changes the color and texture of the area completely, masking the material underneath. While textured paint is available, it will still completely cover the surface since paint does not absorb the way stain does.

Paint tends to be thicker and requires a primer as well as multiple color layers depending on the situation and desired hue. Paint offers a broader spectrum of color options than stains as well as various sheens for different looks, depending on your preference.

Suburban Painting Co. has offered quality commercial and residential painting for more than 35 years.  When it comes to deck staining, exterior and interior painting, and refinishing services, their attention to detail and superior craftsmanship are unmatched. Call (859) 276-1139 or visit them online for more information or to obtain a quote.

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