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3 Benefits of Getting a Facelift October 17, 2017

Irvingdale, Lincoln
3 Benefits of Getting a Facelift, Lincoln, Nebraska

Looks play an important part in people’s identity, and in turn, quality of life. As individuals age, their faces naturally begin to sag and look worn. This can have a significant effect on self-confidence, which is why the staff at Dr. Mitchell J. Henry, MD: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Lincoln, NE, want to share the benefits of facelift surgery. This procedure creates age-defying results and instills a youthful, revitalized look. Read on to learn more.

3 Benefits of Facelift Surgery

1. Reducing Sagging

Over time, facial muscles weaken and shrink, creating space between them and the skin. Because of this, the skin loosens and sags, creating a shriveled, tired look. During a facelift, plastic surgeons will create small, discreet incisions and reconfigure the facial muscles, known as the superficial musculoaponeurotic system. The result is tighter facial muscles and reduced sagging skin. 

facelift2. Rebuilding Contour

Well-defined cheekbones, a strong jaw, and other firm contours in the face are to be desired. However, they’re still victims of age, and these defining features can easily get lost beneath creases. To repair this, plastic surgeons will strengthen contours during a facelift and stretch skin over them to create a natural, smooth look. There are mid and lower procedures that focus on different contours, and each can revive a youthful look.

3. Removing Loose Skin

In some places, such as the neck, it’s more effective to remove loose skin rather than reconfiguring muscles. Using careful trimming or liposuction, plastic surgeons can cut this loose skin. This will immediately reduce the amount of worn, creased areas and further define contours.

If you’re interested in exploring facelift surgery, turn to the staff at Dr. Mitchell J. Henry, MD: Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery. They offer a variety of cosmetic surgery options and are dedicated to helping patients achieve the look they want. Call (402) 435-0044 today to schedule an appointment and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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