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Do You Wear Glasses? These 5 Halloween Costumes Are Made for You! October 5, 2017

Cold Spring, Campbell
Do You Wear Glasses? These 5 Halloween Costumes Are Made for You!, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Halloween is almost here, and adults and children alike are trying to decide on the perfect costume for all of the festivities. If you wear glasses, then you have a unique advantage with a prop already in hand! Consider one of these five costumes that were made for those with spectacles and you’re guaranteed to be a party favorite. 

Wear Glasses? These 5 Halloween Costumes Are Perfect for You

1. Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher is a current and funny costume based on a character from “Bob’s Burgers,” a popular cartoon television show. All you need is a light blue shirt, dark blue skirt, yellow hair barrette, and, of course, your glasses for this easy DIY get-up. Looking for a more traditional Halloween character? Try Velma from the “Scooby Doo” series.

2. Where’s Waldo

Where’s Waldo is a widely recognizable costume based on the classic children’s search game. This outfit works for both men and women from children to grandparents. Add a red and white striped shirt, red hat, and blue pants to your glasses for a costume that’s easy to find. 

3. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the well-known J.K. Rowling literary character famous for his scar and thin-framed eyewear. Halloween goers can wear a black cape with a red and orange Gryffindor scar to get the full effect. This costume isn’t limited to boys, so let your little girl have fun with this fantasy idea! 

4. Clark Kent

Clark Kent, more famously known as Superman, used his glasses to hide his superhero identity. Let your little superhero mix the best of both worlds by wearing a suit left open to an exposed Superman T-shirt. Finish the look with gelled hair or a dark wig. 

5. Minions 

glassesMinions exploded in popularity with the young crowd when “Despicable Me” premiered in 2010. These yellow creatures have glasses that cover one or both of their eyes depending on the character. Paint your face yellow, put on your glasses, some overalls, and a long-sleeved yellow shirt to transform yourself into one of these lovable movie stars.

Glasses are your secret weapon when Halloween comes around. Whether you choose from these five or one of the countless options in local party stores, you’ll have a memorable costume that will keep people talking for weeks. Share this list with your fellow glasses wearers and you may be able to come up with a group costume! 


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