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How Real Estate Markets Change Throughout the Year October 5, 2017

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How Real Estate Markets Change Throughout the Year, Mountain Home, Arkansas

The real estate market is cyclical and will often follow the same patterns, whether it’s on an annual basis or over the span of a few decades. The  team at Gilbert Realty explains that knowing how the market typically changes over the course of the year will help you make decisions about when to buy or sell. Here, they’ve shared the seasonal market changes they’ve noticed in Mountain Home, AR.

The Annual Real Estate Cycle

1. Spring

The spring real estate market is an exciting time of the year. Coming out of the holidays, people are making their plans for a move whether they are buying, selling, or both. In early spring, an onslaught of homes will hit the market, and it will likely be flooded with buyers as well. If you’d like the largest possible selection of houses to choose from, this is the time to look for one. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll likely be competing with a lot of buyers depending on the overall supply versus demand.

2. Summer

The spring activity often extends into summer, as young students have these months off school and parents decide that summer vacation is the best time to move their family. How active the market is during this period will depend on the current interest rates, home values, and other relevant factors in the area.

3. Autumn

real estateUnless there are factors like extremely low interest rates to keep the momentum going, the market will usually start to slow. The new school year has begun, so families do not want to plan for a move, and the upcoming holidays keep people busy with other activities. While not the ideal time for sellers, buyers should take advantage of the low competition.

4. Winter

The winter tends to be the slowest time of year due to the holidays. People are busy celebrating with friends and family, traveling, and spending money on holiday-related matters. Many who decide they need to move will usually wait until the spring to do so. Just as in the previous season, if you’re a buyer who is willing to move, now is the perfect time to snag a home.

While this cycle is what you’ll usually see over the course of the year, the real estate market is ultimately determined by the market action index of supply versus demand, the economy, and current mortgage rates. When you’d like to sell or buy property in Mountain Home, consult the local experts at Gilbert Realty to make a strategic decision about when to make your plans. Contact them online or call (870) 425-6282 to get started.

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