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Child Care Professional Shares 4 Tricks to Avoid Too Many Treats This Halloween October 20, 2017

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Child Care Professional Shares 4 Tricks to Avoid Too Many Treats This Halloween, Cortlandt, New York

Halloween is a fun time for children to dress up as their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters. Still, the promise of candy is what sets this holiday apart. A Rising Star Children’s Center in Cortlandt Manor, NY, and the surrounding areas loves to partake in the fun, but their child care professionals have seen sugar’s negative effects too, as students arrive in the morning full of energy only to turn lethargic and unmotivated once the rush wears off.

Here, they offer parents a few tips on how to moderate treats this season: 

1. Limit Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is the biggest source of candy during Halloween, but you don’t have to prevent your child from enjoying the experience. Instead, limit the amount of time they are out in the neighborhood or only allow trick-or-treating on a few streets. Some families choose to use smaller candy containers and return home when it’s full.

2. Trade the Treats

If your little Halloween monster brings home a ton of sugary treats, you can use it as a great learning opportunity. Have your child sell different items for varying prices, so they learn the value of money and have practice counting change. As an alternative, let them barter with the candy, such as fewer chores one Saturday.

3. Ration the Candy

childcareInevitably you will end up with at least a small supply of candy during this holiday. Use it as an opportunity to teach portion control by giving out only a few pieces each day. This habit will also prevent your child from the energy crashes that follow a sugar-overload. Finally, ensuring they’ve eaten a proper meal first will stop them from overeating. 

4. Plan Sugar-Free Activities 

Not every Halloween-themed activity has to be filled with candy. Plan outings like hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin carving, or corn mazes to enjoy the atmosphere without the negative health and dental effects of sugar. Plus, these events provide outdoor exercise that many children are lacking. At A Rising Star,annually we have a Halloween Craft Party where the children wear their costumes and get to create great crafts with their parents.  This event is enjoyed, well attended and helps the children enjoy the holiday without having too many sugary snacks.  

By following these four tips and keeping a close eye on your child’s eating habits during the Halloween season, you can maximize fun and minimize sugar’s poor effects. The child care experts at A Rising Star Children’s Center will support you in this endeavor and monitor the amount of sugar in their preschool programs. Enroll your little one in their educational child care and preschool services by calling (914) 788-4582 or complete an application online.

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