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3 Advantages of Liftgate Installations in Trucks October 3, 2017

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3 Advantages of Liftgate Installations in Trucks, Lodi, New Jersey

For drivers who transport heavy objects, having a liftgate installation performed on their vehicle can be life-changing. Through either a hydraulic or mechanical system, a liftgate can lift and lower large objects safely. Some systems can even support thousands of pounds. To help you determine whether you should outfit your vehicle with a liftgate, Goodyear Motors in Lodi, NJ is here with some helpful information.

Drivers of commercial trucks with liftgate systems can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: Manually lifting objects weighing upwards of 100 pounds can pose serious health risks for your delivery employees. From straining their backs to dropping large objects on toes and feet, employees can incur serious injuries without having a liftgate system in place. To keep your employees safe and avoid potential litigation resulting from on-the-job injuries, liftgate installations are a must for any companies delivering heavy loads.
  • liftgate installationProtected Deliveries: While your employees are your most valuable assets, the products you’re delivering warrant protection as well. Without the proper lifting and transportation tools in place, your goods could become compromised. When a driver uses a liftgate system, the chances of dropping or otherwise damaging the delivery are minimized. As a result, you’ll keep customers happy and boost your loss prevention efforts.
  • Cost Savings: In addition to preserving the quality of your deliveries, liftgate installations allow your company to save money in other ways too. Consider how many employees you’d need to send out on a delivery to lift a 600-pound object. With a liftgate, one employee can handle the entire delivery on their own. Thus, you can disperse your talent more evenly, thereby accomplishing more.

If you own or manage a fleet of commercial trucks in Lodi, NJ, or the surrounding Tri-State area, contact Goodyear Motors to learn more about liftgate installations. You can reach a knowledgeable associate by calling (800) 542-0978, or visit their website to learn more about their additional services and inventory, including used trucks for sale. Don’t forget to keep in touch by liking Goodyear Motors on Facebook!

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