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Sign Up For Exciting Summer Programs & Help Your Kids Excel This Summer! Bayside, Whitestone NY January 31, 2015

Auburndale, Queens
Sign Up For Exciting Summer Programs & Help Your Kids Excel This Summer! Bayside, Whitestone NY, Queens, New York

Although summer is usually the time when your child is relaxing, they may actually be regressing and falling behind in school. According to a study released by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, young students can lose upwards of an entire month of academic subject matter in key subjects like mathematics, science, and reading composition in just a few weeks during summer vacation. Giving your child proper stimulation and educational challenges during their summer respite will not only prevent them from falling behind when they return to school, but also launch them ahead for their next semester.

JEI Learning Center Auburndale-Whitestone is proud to announce that the 2015 Summer Academy is now open for student admission until Sunday, May 31st. The 7-week program features academic tutoring sessions designed to enhance critical thinking, as well as independent logic, and reading comprehension in young children. Groups of up to four students meet with a single instructor, ensuring that your child’s specific academic needs are met with specialized attention.

With flexible scheduling, parents can easily fit reading programs and writing programs for their kids into even the busiest summer schedule. Beginning at 9:00 a.m. every weekday, students of the JEI 2015 Summer Academy Camp will be taught self-paced learning in English, math, and reading comprehension, all while receiving personal guidance from experienced instructors. Students in grades pre-k through 9th grade will take part in creative collaboration with engaging classes; learn their alphabet and phonics, as well as numerals, operations, and units of measurement.

Don’t let your child fall behind this summer. Give them an exciting and fun way to stay focused and mentally active with JEI Leaning Centers 2015 Summer Academy. With a wide selection of learning programs for kids, this tutoring center offers parents an effective way for their children to stay sharp and enriched all summer long. Call JEI Learning Center Auburndale-Whitestone today at (347) 408-4098 to enroll your child.