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Why the History of Dentures Is More Interesting Than You Might Guess October 12, 2017

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Why the History of Dentures Is More Interesting Than You Might Guess, Texarkana, Arkansas

Dentures have literally been around for over a thousand years. However, the options available centuries ago don’t quite resemble the innovative types your dentist can offer you today.

Still, it’s interesting to learn how this treatment option has developed over time. The history of dentures is a microcosm for the history of dental treatment in general: It’s always been necessary, but it’s also always improving.

What You Should Know About the History of Dentures

Early Days

Most experts agree the 7th-century BCE Etruscans were the first people to make wide use of dentures. They typically made theirs with human or animal teeth, using gold bands to keep them fastened together. By the 5th century BCE, the Romans had begun doing the same.

Dentures Texarkana ARIt wasn’t until the 16th century CE that people began to use wood instead of teeth to make dentures. The Japanese would create an impression in a person’s mouth with soft beeswax, then insert carefully crafted false teeth. Although they first used wood, they would later incorporate more durable materials, like ivory or animal horn. Over the next 200 years, wood and similar materials were used to make dentures throughout the world.

Recent Innovations

The false teeth dentists offer today are usually made with acrylic plastics and metals. This only became common in the 20th century, when improved manufacturing methods facilitated the use of such materials. 

While the false teeth of the past were primarily functional, bearing little resemblance to actual teeth, today’s dentures look and function like a normal set of teeth. They support the jawbone, allow for comfortable chewing, and restore a patient’s smile.


If you need a set of dentures, schedule an appointment at the office of Randall A. Ellis, DDS, offering family dentistry services in the Texarkana, AR, area. This team of professionals will gladly explain the various options you may choose from. Contact them online for more information, or call (870) 772-1374.

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