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Allergy Immunology Professionals Offer 3 Tips to Get Through the Season October 9, 2017

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Allergy Immunology Professionals Offer 3 Tips to Get Through the Season, ,

Autumn means changing leaves, crisp, cool weather—and, unfortunately, allergies. At Linchitz Medical Wellness, in Westbury, NY, their allergy immunology specialists know this can be a very uncomfortable time of year for many patients. That’s why their team works hard to ensure all patients get the care they need. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, they’ll work closely with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

In the meantime, to minimize your discomfort this season, their experts recommend the following tips:

1. Reduce Your Exposure to Triggers

Allergy ImmunologyOne of the simplest ways to avoid an allergy attack is to reduce your chances of exposing yourself to triggers. Stay inside as much as possible on dry and windy days, and hire other people to handle outdoor chores that will leave you exposed and vulnerable. Also, when returning indoors from time spent outside, change into a fresh set of clothes.

2. Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

To keep your home’s air free from allergens, stick to a regular cleaning schedule, and ask an HVAC specialist about installing filtration systems to capture and block contaminants. You might also want to invest in a quality dehumidifier. If you keep your indoor air dry, there’s less opportunity for mold to develop.

3. Be Aware

Most local weather reports—either online or on TV—will have information about the day’s average pollen count. When the numbers are particularly high, be prepared with masks and over-the-counter decongestants or anti-histamines. If you can, do your best to stay indoors during those times.

For the best results, schedule an appointment with the allergy immunology professionals at Linchitz Medical Wellness, offering immunology services and other preventative medicine throughout the five boroughs of NYC. They offer treatment plans designed to significantly reduce your reaction to allergens. Contact them online, or call (516) 759-4200 to schedule an appointment with an allergy immunology specialist.

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