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3 Tips to Prevent Restaurant Equipment Damage October 3, 2017

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
3 Tips to Prevent Restaurant Equipment Damage, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether your establishment is a small café or large franchise, ensuring your chefs have access to superior restaurant equipment will help your restaurant thrive. That’s why the team at Burney’s Commercial Service believes that knowing how to properly care for your commercial kitchen equipment is critical. Without maintenance, it’s too easy for the appliances your restaurant depends on to break or become damaged, resulting in costly repairs and disruptions.

To protect your restaurant equipment and prevent unexpected mishaps, the pros at Burney’s Commercial Service recommend you follow these tips:

  • Commercial-Kitchen-EquipmentEnsure Correct Usage: Every piece of restaurant equipment is designed to perform a specific function. Whether it’s a broiler, convection oven — or microwave — improper use can lead to malfunctions and a reduced lifespan. To avoid problems, make sure the kitchen staff at your restaurant knows how to correctly operate and maintain each piece of equipment.
  • Always Clean Thoroughly: Regularly cleaning your restaurant equipment not only creates a safe and hygienic cooking environment but it also helps prevent damage to the machinery. Without daily cleaning, food scraps, dust, and other debris can quickly build up inside the food service equipment, creating rust and damaging sensitive gears or electrical components. To prevent issues, always wash appliances after each use.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Just like a car’s engine needs routine tune-ups to run at peak performance, your restaurant equipment also needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Performing thorough assessments of your equipment’s mechanical components will help you identify potential issues before they turn into major problems. If any of your appliances show signs of damage, it’s important to contact a repair specialist for immediate service.

For additional help maintaining your restaurant equipment, contact the team at Burney’s Commercial Service. As Honolulu, HI’s top industrial appliance repair service, their knowledgeable technicians are ready to handle all of your needs. Call (808) 848-1466 to speak with a team member today, or visit their Facebook page for more information.